An English title on my Dutch blog, how is that possible? KLM Local Eyes asked me to write a food post about a typical Dutch dish with a little twist by The Lion Kitchen. Since the Hollandse Nieuwe has just arrived in the Netherlands I decided it had to be something with herring. I just love a good old herring! You are suppose to slide the herring into your mouth and eat the whole herring in one bite. I prefer the more lady like way and eat my herring with a little bit of ui (onions) and zuur (sour pickles). Whenever you are in Amsterdam do not hesitate to go to a haringhandel (herring trade) to buy a herring. You can find them almost on every corner of the street. My favorite is Kees Tol at the end of the Overtoom near the Overtoomse Sluis.

Did you know that herring is only called Hollandse Nieuwe from the start of the herring season till the 30th of September. After that  period herring has to be called Maatjesharing.


Herring Tartare (4 persons)

– 2 herring;

ui (sliced and dices white onions);

zuur (sour pickles);

– 200 gr of diced beetroot;

– parsley;

– splash of lemon;

– salt & pepper;

– cooking ring.

When you buy a herring in Amsterdam you get the ui and zuur for free, so don’t forget to ask. Dice the herring and the zuur. Mix the diced herring with the ui and zuur. Chop the parsley as fine as possible. Mix the beetroot with the parsley and the spalsh of lemon. Season with salt & pepper. Place a cooking ring on a plate and start with a layer of beetroot. Then a layer of herring. Remove the cooking ring and you’re Herring Tartare is finished. Enjoy!